Gateway Network Parking System

Our Gateway Network Parking System allows you to protect and access multiple parking spaces by controlling your parking bollards via your desktop computer, laptop or your mobile phone from anywhere in the world.

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How the Parking System Works:

The Gateway application connects to the locks via a router that is setup in the carpark area. You can control the bollards to be lowered or raised with the click of a button. Current clients are using intercom systems so any business reception can allow a customer instant access to one of the spaces.

This Parking System is Perfectly Tailored to:

  • Hotels and Resorts so guests can gain access to an unused space within the Gateway System.
  • Large strata managed complexes and assist building mangers with giving genuine visitors access to these spaces.
  • Businesses that have limited parking for actual customers and visiting clients. Many businesses lose store traffic due to unauthorised use of their customer car spaces.


This Gateway parking bollard is also available with an auto close function. This means when a customer or client exits the car space the bollard will detect this and rise to the closed position after 30 seconds. If a bollard is lowered and no car enters within 2 minutes the bollard will rise to the closed position also.


We will install the system  in full and  provide a comprehensive training on site for all users. These bollards are powered by a 7.46AH rechargeable lithium battery. These batteries need to be recharged around every 3 months and have an 8 year recharging lifespan.

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As this Gateway System is a tailored solution, interested customers will need to contact us for specific quote that meets their needs. Use the contact us page or call us direct on 0421 947 741

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