What Is The Best Parking Bollard For You?

How often do you find unauthorized vehicles left in your parking space? Isn’t it annoying when you get to your spot and see another person’s car sitting there? That is where simple devices such as parking bollards become handy.

What are parking bollards?

Parking spot bollards or parking barriers are uniquely designed bollards used to prevent access and protect a designated parking bay from unsolicited vehicle parking.

In Australia, companies such as Stronghold Safety offer a variety of car park bollards. The company provides durable and high-quality devices to help you protect your parking space.

Different types of parking bollards

There are several types of car parking bollards to choose from. Here are some of the most common car security bollards available in the market.

Stronghold Safety Smart Parking Bollard

Smartphone Automatic Bollard

With the innovation in modern technology, parking solutions providers were able to design automatic bollards that can be controlled using an application on smartphones. Users can either raise or lower the car bollards effortlessly, which makes it perfect for frequent access.

You can purchase the standard Extra High Smartphone Parking Bollard that allows you to manage the car park blocker remotely. Upon entering, simply lower your parking bollard using your smartphone application and it will lay flat, allowing you to enter your parking space with ease. After exiting, you can use the same application to raise the parking bollard to prevent unauthorised use.

For business establishments and multiple use, you can take advantage of the sharing feature of the smartphone automatic bollard. It allows you to enter the mobile number of an additional user and grant them access to the lock. 

Manual Folding BollardManual Folding Bollard

These collapsible bollards are manually operated and unlike automatic bollards, users will need to step out of their vehicles to operate their parking bollard using a key and lock system.

Manual folding bollards are the more affordable options when selecting car park security mechanisms. These devices are designed with reflective stripes to ensure great visibility both day and night. 

This type of parking bollard is made of durable steel and comes with a standard key lock structure. You can use the key to lift and lower the bollard. 

Manual Square Folding Bollards are also available in Stronghold Safety. It shares the same features and functionality as the manual folding bollard above, but it highlights a square shape and is made of carbon steel.

Another manually operated bollard that you can choose is the Folding Bollard – Spring Loaded model, which features a rebound spring system to avoid impact damage caused by vehicles. It also comes with two keys upon purchase. This parking bollard is ideal for shared car parks and tenant parking areas.

Surface Mount Removable Bollard

These heavy-duty bollards are made from steel and reinforced with four Dyna bolts for easy installation. Surface mount removable bollards come with  2 standard keys, but additional keys are also available for purchase.

Check out the best parking bollards in the country visit strongholdsafety.com.au.

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